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Our Mission

At our Bluff City dental practice, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional dentistry at every phase of a patient’s life. Through our emphasis on patient education and the integration of advanced technologies into our treatment plans, Dr. Andrew MacConnell is able to help patients achieve lasting oral health and improved dental function.

Focusing on Patient Education

We believe that an early introduction to dental care is a key to having a healthy smile for life. Beginning around the age of three, our Bluff City dentist encourages patients to bring their children into their own appointments. These early visits help children become accustomed to the idea of routine dental care and regular cleanings, setting the right foundation for effective hygiene habits. Through our hands-on approach to pediatric dentistry, our dental team is able to monitor your child’s smile, identify any changes that may require future treatment, and reinforce healthy hygiene habits.

At the Center for Family & Implant Dentistry, patient education extends into adulthood as well. As a mature patient, knowing the condition of your smile plays an important role in maintaining a high standard of oral health. Routine wear and tear from daily function can quickly compromise the health of your smile, requiring more comprehensive care to protect health and function. By integrating advanced diagnostic tools, such as digital x-ray and intraoral cameras, into routine check-ups, Dr. MacConnell is able to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend preventive and restorative treatments to reinforce the health and function of your smile. 

Incorporating Modern Technology into Dental Care

Advanced dental technologies help patients to better visualize their dental needs and how different treatments may impact their smiles, allowing them to participate in treatment development. Tools such as soft tissue lasers and computer-guided implant placement help to improve the patient experience both during and after treatment. In the long run, these tools also encourage greater treatment success by improving the health of the dentition. 

Trusted Experience

Our Bluff City dental team is dedicated to continuing education for both patients and our staff. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. MacConnell frequently participates in a number of education opportunities, allowing him to provide the best care possible to his patients. In addition to comprehensive preventive care, patients can also receive specialized implant, oral surgery, periodontal, and restorative treatments at our Bluff City dental office. Contact Dr. MacConnell today to schedule your next dental appointment.